CNC Computer Desk

I designed this desk to provide places for all the computer devices and cables which clutter modern workstations.  It is built entirely out of CNC-milled MDF panels and standard lumber, and only six bolts have to be undone to separate it into easy-to-move parts.All joints are close-tolerance glued rabbet joints, which take advantage of the precision of the CNC process.


Removable panels in the desk surface give access to compartments for power strips and data hubs.  The slotted back edge of the desk covers a cable tray which runs the length of the desk.

A pair of 2 x 4s stiffen the desk while allowing the front edge to remain thin.

The six bolts which attach the top of the desk to the two base cabinets are visible here.  So are the openings which connect the power strip compartments down to the CPU cabinets below:

A view showing the separated parts of the desk disassembled for transport:


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